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2021 EarthQuake Updates 

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IWOH Psychosocial Intervention in the Nippes

We are a solution!

IWOH Psychosocial Intervention in the Nippes

Post-earthquake IWOH has served all three of the departments in the southern peninsula: Nippes, L’azile, Karouk – commune Anse-à-Veau, Department du Sud: Rendel, Les Cayes and Grand’Anse. IWOH Haiti team distributed emergency items, during the country’s most critical time when roads and infrastructure were destroyed making it a hard to reach our destinations. Our partner Mr. Jean Baptiste Joseph with the Inter-Institutional Committee for the Defense of the Rights of Migrants and Refugees in the State of Pernambuco in Brazil, along with other partners have distributed food, school materials, and survival kits to survivors. With your help we can continue to reach more regions that are underserved.


There are many areas that are still underserved. With your help we can reach many more areas that have not received any help and are in desperate need. 

   IWOH Psychosocial intervention
with the earthquake survivors

In Haiti, women are at the center of trade, also known as “Madan Sara”, a name used to describe Haitian women merchants. Madan Sara distributes agricultural goods brought to market by the women of the smallholder farming households. The marketplace is where farm goods are sold, and non-farm goods are purchased. This key social and economic function is at risk due to the pier's collapse.


We’ve Adopted Pestel
             Pestel “Marche” Marketplace and coast before the August 14th 2021 Earthquake
Pestel Marche and pier 26 days after the August 14th 2021 earthquake
How We Are Making a Difference

Following the 7.2 magnitude earthquake that hit Haiti’s southern Peninsula, one of the most severely hit departments is Grand’Anse, it is home to the commune of Pestel. With a population of more than 44,000 people (2015 census) settled across 5 communal sections, the town of Pestel was founded in 1829. Nestled between mountains and sea, Pestel is home to the region’s port, which is hosts to a century-old biweekly marketplace. The downtown area of Pestel with 5,000 inhabitants, has been a municipality since 1929; it is home to a town hall, a police station, a court of peace, a hospital, several churches, and guest houses.


The August 14, earthquake left the commune with 152 deaths, over 5,000 destroyed or severely damaged homes, close to 1,500 damaged water reservoirs, 67 damaged schools, and 47 damaged churches. The pier’s collapse has not only reduced the space available to hold the marketplace by 50-60%, but it has also crippled the Commune of Pestel only port, the key to the livelihood of thousands of families. Faced with widespread destruction across 110 square miles, International Women of H.O.P.E (IWOH), along with other concerned citizens and organizations, have decided to adopt the town of Pestel.

A focus on restoring Pestel’s Pier/ marketplace ecosystem is essential to the lives of thousands of women and subsequently their families.

By remaining true to its mission, IWOH is committed to the long-term goal of adopting Pestel and empowering its women for the commune’s sustainable growth and development.

University in
my House
Mission Trip to Cap-Haitian
2022 Mission Trip to Cap-Haitian, Haiti

January 2022, International Women of H.O.P.E. (IWOH) funded its first academia pilot project in Haiti. The University in My House also known as UFPE no Meu Quintal Project is an extension action of the Federal University of Pernambuco, in Northeastern Brazil. University in My House is an educational outreach project, transferring knowledge from the university into the homes in the rural communities. Professors and students from Brazil trained graduates from the Henry Christophe campus University in Limonade, Haiti.  The students derived from multidisciplinary studies in psychology, medicine, agriculture, law and engineering. The student’s backgrounds allowed them to exercise their knowledge coupled with the projects' mission to train in the areas of health, education, justice, and citizenship, environment and social technologies.

This year’s mission with University in My House was a success. It convened students, and volunteers to engage in an exciting high-energy, and diverse events in the span of 6 days. Daily training's created an environment for deep discussions to equip the students and prepare them for meaningful impact in the field.

Programs like University in My House allow IWOH to help bring meaningful contributions to the global community. 


Wallis Etienne

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