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Programs and Services

Our main goals are to help, support, educate empower women and create opportunities for women to better their lives, their families and communities, therefore we create different programs to help them overcome the challenges they are facing.

Domestic Violence - Awareness Seminar

Far too many women and children who have been the victim of violence in the family. IWOH works to reduce, prevent, and address domestic violence, sexual assault and other kinds of violence and abuse against women and children. Each year, we join with community to conduct seminar and workshops on knowing the signs of domestic violence, prevention, and the effect of living in an abusive relationship. We provide them with the necessary resources and the support system they may need.

Project H.O.P.E. Program (Domestic & International)

This program creates a platform for women of all ages to receive support that they may become strong mentally, spiritually, physically and psychologically. Many women face issues but have no outlet or support to handle them. We also provide resources that aim to change and transform lives. IWOH host monthly empowering nights where women of all economical background come together and support one another by sharing, encouraging and building confidence for their own well being.  Advocating for women experiencing social, physical, psychological, sexual and cultural crisis by providing nurturing assistance and guidance. Project H.O.P.E. provides leadership and entrepreneurship training allowing women to, learn about healthy life skills. 

Annual Mission Trip

(Via Project H.O.P.E.)

Our main focus is on empowering the women and young women through education. We have been impacting the women and the communities in Cap Haitian, Carrefour, Croix des Bouquets and Port-Margot with tools and training's on leadership, entrepreneurship, arts for business, computer literacy and more. We also deliver school supplies, toiletries kits, medical supplies to support the communities amd the schools with great needs.


We need you to join us in the call. None of this monumental stance for change is attainable without you and our Agents of H.O.P.E.


When we empower women to protect themselves and their families from domestic violence, when we provide a start-up business to a struggling Haitian woman, when we provide a scholarship to prevent a child from dropping out of school, when we feed those in need, it is through your donations and support we are able to accomplished all those things. Empowering women through International Women of H.O.P.E also means to help women to be conscientious of the power inside of them. 


Moving forward we can use this force to solve the problems of violence against women, and change the children's future. Learn more click here...

Women in Technology in Haiti

This program is designed to bridge the digital gender divide in Haiti so that women can use the advances in technology to compete for sustainable careers. We aim to empower women with computers and trainings, that will give them a successful advantage in the technology market.

Sponsor-A-Sister Program (International)

Sponsoring a sister is IWOH’s way of directly supporting young women and girls between the ages of 8-27 years old, directly and immediately. Each sister is unique in her own way, but they all struggle to find the basic essentials. This program allows the sponsor to meet the needs of a sister like investing in their education for we believe strongly that education is a tool to brake poverty. We also help them with toiletries, school supplies, food, clothing and electronics. Open the door of opportunity to help them rise up and excel. 

Healthy Relationship Program (Domestic)

This program engages young women about identifying unhealthy relationships. Engaging young women girls and young women in middle school, high school, college and teaching the young women how to recognize unhealthy relationships. This is an outreach program combating low self-esteem and bringing awareness of relationships with partners that are manipulative, dominating and controlling. Program intended to prevent violence of any forms.

International Women’s Day

We celebrate International Women’s Day by having an annual fundraising event that celebrate women of all race and walks of life, their challenges, their struggles and their triumph. We celebrate their strength, their beauty, their spirit, their accomplishment and support, encourage and inspire those who are still struggling. We acknowledge and award women in the community that are making an outstanding difference. Each year, we have different theme.

Other Services Offered:

  • Referral Services (shelter, counseling, domestic abuse)

  • Language Translation Services

  • Court Services

  • Senior Care Services

  • Back-to-School Drive

  • Community Service for High School Students

  • Women Shelter Christmas/Thanksgiving giving

The International Women of H.O.P.E offers community service opportunities for educational purposes and court ordered mandates. If you are interested in earning community service hours/credit please call our office on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday from 9:00 am - 6:00 pm, EST. All volunteers are required to complete an application and provide the following prior to starting:

  • A valid state or federal picture ID

  • Complete a IWOH Volunteers Application

  • School or Institution documents

  • Court ordered documents along


For more information, contact us via email

womenofhope7@ Phone: 678-361-3497

Contact us today! We are here to Help!

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