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Raising Funds for Mission Trip 2017

Raising funds for our Haiti Mission Trip 2017...Help us Make A Difference!

The International Women of H.O.P.E. organization are achieving things that matters. Are you with us? Our Mission trip is June 11th through June 18th, 2017.

Traveling with us will be a few guests, one honorable mention is our Olympian Swimmer Naomy Grand'Pierre! She will be visiting to speak to the youth in a few schools! This will be a very important and motivating visit for our youth. #InvestingInTheYouth #Empower #Inspire #BeAForceOfChange

During our 2017 Mission trip with Project CURE, we will also be in ASEBED Hospital again in conjunction with the Doctors to serve at the Hospital.

The transformative actions we take to change the narrative for our brothers and sisters in Haiti is nothing light. We will have the workshops again.

Would you like to volunteer and travel with us? You can message us via our website (at the bottom of the website where is says "Contact Us") and we will provide you with more details. Would you like to sponsor us? The load is heavy but this is what we are called to do and we will not stop until our families and communities are empowered with the knowledge and possibilities to rise above the conditions that keep them from living an abundant life. Free of violence, mediocrity and able to provide for their children. To help sponsor us please also message us via our website.

Another important part of our mission trip is educating our youth about prevalent things in their community. We are tired of losing our youth to sexual assault, human trafficking and more.

#Help we need investors in all forms.#BeAForceOfChange #JoinUs #PartnerWithUs

#Naomy Grand'Pierre #ThankYou

To make a donation please go to the "Donate" tab on our website. Thank you!

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