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  • Naomy Grand'Pierre

July Monthly Spotlight

I had the privilege of traveling with the International Women of HOPE is one that was incredible rewarding and I am extremely thankful for. It was my first time traveling to the northern part of Haiti (Cap Haitian) and every day offered new rewards, miracles and blessings.

The crew that I traveled and worked with, Rose, Nolcy, Dee and Frantz were all amazing hard workers and were incredibly supportive and encouraging. Their dedication and commitment set the tone throughout the entire trip.

Through the amazing planning of the International Women of HOPE, I was able to visit a large portion of the schools in Au Cap and speak to the youth about my story while offering encouragement. I am very happy I got to interact with my target audience. These are the individuals I am working for and training for and representing and I was happy to get a closer connection to them. These daily school visits offered me so much encouragement as I want to do everything I can to give these incredible kids hope.

I also was able to interact a lot with the locals and I enjoyed really getting involved in Cap Haitian. We didn't exclude ourselves by staying at Hotel Roi Christophe or only eating at Lakay but we mingled and interacted with everyone we could despite economic status.

I also had the opportunity to meet with the Haitian Chamber of Commerce and have a meeting with the city officials to express my visions and goals and start a conversation and this couldn't have been done without the International Women of HOPE's initiative.

Finally, I got to visit the incredible historic sites throughout the town and also witness countless miracles and works of God which were completely mind-blowing to witness. Our trip was only a week-long but it felt like we were fulfilling God's mission for 3 months.

I had such an incredible time and I am so grateful for the International Women of HOPE for allowing me to share this experience with them. I would love to travel with this organization again next year and I can't wait to see how God continues to bless their mission.

Naomy Grand'Pierre

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