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  • Edline Dolceus

Monthly Spotlight

This is my testimony of success:

My name is Edline Dolceus and I attended the International Women of H.O.P.E workshop last year instructed by Miss Chantalle. Once I received this certificate for completing the workshop, I told Ms Chantalle that I would leave the drawing that International Women of H.O.P.E has for the women who successfully complete the Leadership and Entrepreneurship workshop to receive a small business. I have a friend in the US that I told about my certificate and she told me she would help me find a job with this certificate among her business network. One thing led to another I was connected to a group of Dominicans, even though I didn't speak Spanish the skills that were needed that I learned through the leadership and entrepreneurship Workshop given by IWOH such as paying workers, telling them what percentage goes in the bank, what percentage to keep, collecting fees and data entry and management.

When I first presented the Dominicans with the diplomas that I had before they weren't impressed and were going to decline my application but when I showed them my International women of H.O.P.E 'diploma' they instantly accepted me, they paid for my Visa to work. I now live in a nice neighborhood. I was able to well receive a group of foreigners thanks to the diploma. This group of foreigners just brought two big pieces of land to work on and I am their choice to manage and direct the workers. Thanks to this. I would have loved for IWOH to meet them and witness it! I was so proud. I will not forget that in my success to help the next woman up since I was put in charge of hiring! This diploma has given me such great opportunities. I was saving for a car and before my employers left they gifted me a car.

Thank you International Women of H.O.P.E.

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