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  • Reggie Grand'Pierre

Using the Four C's to foster Understanding and Growth.

What an amazing time we had sharing breakfast with a group of wonderful people a Rosebrune Vixamar's home.

Full of hope and enthusiasm with regards to how we will face the many challenges confronted by Haiti and the Haitian people, the conversation focused on the role commerce, culture, community and coffee can play to initiate growth. Every story shared by the participants, provided new insights as we connected with one another. We laughed, cried, shared personal experiences that link us to Haiti… more importantly we bonded and left the gathering stronger because of our time together.

Because of the many businesses and organization leaders that were present, new horizons can be envisioned where INTERNATIONAL WOMEN OF H.O.P.E, EDEA, YOUR GREATEST WEALTH IS YOUR HEALTH, STEADY LIMOUSINE, AUTISM 509, GRACE NEW HOPE MEMBERS, HOPE INJECTED, RAY BAZIL, ITIAH COFFEE and others join forces to stand with Haiti, support coffee growers and other Haitian farmers.

The more that 12 lb of coffee that was purchased during the get together is proof that together we are making an economic impact. It was a pleasure for us at Itiah Coffee to have interacted and shared with each and everyone, we look forward to more Conversations, Coffee, Commerce and Culture in the days and months to come.

Special thanks to our amazing host Rosebrune Vixamar, your commitment is truly making a difference!


Itiah Coffee

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