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You have the right to remain silence, is part of a speech we have all heard from shows or movies. This speech is telling the offender their rights, but how many of you know your rights if you are the victim to a tragedy? Imagine you have a loved one or even you experienced a horrific tragedy that sent your loved one or yourself the hospital, you would want a voice in the hearings, right? I mean you were in the middle of the incident. Now further imagine that you get to the hearings, and you’re just a guest in a criminal proceeding that directly impacted your life and you are riding the sidelines as this trial will go on with or without you. Now let’s skip into the future after the trials have ended and they accused gets sentenced. You’re shopping with your children, and you see them in the grocery store and you wonder “how’? It CAN’T be because their sentence should have been longer. But it turns out they have been released early or another trial took place and you didn’t know about it. If you can imagine just 1/10th of that pain, then please vote yes for Marsy’s Law which is Amendment 4 on the upcoming ballot.

Marsy’s Law will give crime victims the same co-equal rights as the accused and convicted. Crime victims need to be treated with respect and dignity by the justice system. With Marsy’s Law, courts will have to consider the safety of victims and families when setting bail and even release conditions. This means that family members will have a legal standing in bail hearings, pleas, sentencing, and parole hearings. It will also give crime victims notifications on the status of the accused. Because of this law, you will never be an invited guest at the hearings and proceedings of anything that forever changed the lives of you and your loved ones. You will never walk and not know what the status of such case is. You and your loved ones will have equal rights and representation in a case that ultimately changed your life.

See you at the polls as we vote yes to Amendment 4 on Tuesday, November 6, 2018 when we will together make history and become a state that protects its victims under the law!

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