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  • Rose Vixamar

Breaking Silence on CORONAVIRUS

In March 2020, we all watched in silence and in disbelief how the Novel Coronavirus spread throughout the world. International Women of H.O.P.E. (IWOH), didn’t just sit back and watch the news, we made news.

In March 2020, we wasted no time and raised funds for COVID-19 prevention. The IWOH Haiti chapter created and distributed over 700 masks in the Cap Haitian region. During lockdown restrictions in April, many families in Haiti faced extreme economic hardship. With efforts to constrain the spread of the virus many families couldn’t eat. IWOH distributed food packages to over 200 families in the Northern Haiti region.

In April 2020, IWOH Public Relations Director, Lise Tassy, took lead and provided a Coronavirus public health informational video, in Creole. She educated the Creole speakers on prevention and the effects of the virus.

In July, President Rosebrune Vixamar, Vice-President Wallis Etienne, and Public Relations Director Lise Tassy were invited guests on Brazilian based media company Anbasadé Ayiti. They discussed IWOH global mission and awareness on rise of domestic violence during the pandemic.

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