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  • Rose Vixamar

Incomprehensible Discrimination and Violence

In the midst of the incomprehensible discrimination and violence that continues to plague our nation and our local communities, the agents of International Women of H.O.P.E (IWOH) stand firm in our support of the safety, respect, and wellbeing of every person, not just the community we serve.

Though we mainly focus on violence against women, we advocate against violence on all human beings.

The senseless killing of Mr. George Floyd has affected us all. IWOH extends its deepest sympathies to the Floyd family, and to all other families who have experienced similar injustice. Women everywhere, from all walks of life, heard his cry from the video when he called out for his mother. We are therefore answering in kind to the call. Our hearts go out to all mothers who have experience this pain.

This tragedy, though devastating, has only one positive outcome; it ignites in people of different races and social status all over the nation, the fire within to advocate against injustice, to come together as one nation and to demand a change.

Hopefully change will come. The death of Mr. George Floyd and others will not be in vain.

From the Agents of International Women of H.O.P.E,.

We are Agents of hope, Agents of change.


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